Chatterbox™ Speech Therapy has a range of services to help you with your current communication difficulties.

    • Chatterbox™ has a range of standardised tests, ranging from ages 18 months up to adults.
    • Jane uses these tests to determine the level of difficulty being experienced in the communication problem.
    • The tests look at everything from reading and writing skills in stroke patients to lisps in six year olds.
    • Informal tests are not standardised but can still yield a lot of information about the communication problem.
    • Jane uses her detailed knowledge and experience to get as much as possible from any test used.
    • It is a policy of Chatterbox™ Speech Therapy that a report is provided after each assessment and written is such a style that is easily understood
  • Children
    Speech Difficulties

    This is when you feel your child is not pronouncing their sounds correctly. For example your child may say 'tat' for 'cat'. Various tests will be used to check what is wrong with your child’s speech sound (phonology), then Jane will analyse the results for you and give you her recommendations about your child’s speech. This testing procedure takes about an hour and 15 minutes with a report to keep.

    Developmental Language Difficulties

    This is when you feel your child is not learning language or using language like his/her peers or friends are.

    Chatterbox tests comprehension and expression of language thoroughly, including speech difficulties (phonology). The procedure can take up to two hours and a report is then provided once the test results have been analysed. Chatterbox can also assess your child if he or she is having difficulty with reading, writing and spelling (literacy skills).

    *Since ASD (autism) is a life long condition it is advised by Chatterbox that people seek help from their local NHS speech therapy department to which they can self-refer (meaning no need to go via your GP for a referral).*

  • Adults
    Strokes, Head Injury and other acquired neurological conditions

    Chatterbox looks at the person's skill levels in speaking, reading, writing and comprehension. This assessment takes about an hour and a half, and a full report is provided once the results have been analysed.

    Jane can also assess your speech if you are suffering from facial weakness, inability to control your tongue or have slurred speech. Jane will also assess for any progressive conditions like motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia, and advise you accordingly about treatment.

    *Since swallowing problems are life threatening, Chatterbox advises people to remain in hospital and seek the advice of the NHS hospital speech therapist.*


    Chatterbox highly recommends that you are assessed by an Ear, Nose and Throat consultant to ensure there is nothing wrong with the structure of your throat before embarking on voice assessment and therapy with the speech and language therapist. Jane offers an extensive knowledge in helping you to get your voice quality, range and volume back.