Chatterbox™ Speech Therapy has a range of services to help you with your current communication difficulties.

    • Treatment is offered on a weekly basis, with home practice expected to be done during the week.
    • Treatment appointments on offer are 30 minutes (speech sound problems only), 45 minutes (language problems – younger children) and 1 hour(language problems – older children; all adults).
    • Home practice is given at the end of each session.
    • It is a policy of Chatterbox™ Speech Therapy that a parent(s) sit in during the session. This is not for your child’s safety but so that you know what to do for home practice.
  • Children
    • Speech sound difficulties;
    • Developmental language problems;
    • Advice about bilingualism;
    • Difficulties with reading, writing and spelling;
    • Mumbled or muffled (inarticulate) speech
    • Since ASD (autism) is a life long condition it is advised by Chatterbox that people seek help from their local NHS speech therapy department to which they can self-refer (meaning no need to go via your GP for a referral).
  • Adults
    • difficulties with speech & language skills caused by stroke or head injury;
    • difficulties with talking caused by conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease or dementia;
    • Mumbled or muffled (inarticulate) speech;
    • difficulties with your voice – poor projection, breathlessness, sore throat after talking
    • Since swallowing problems are life threatening, Chatterbox advises people to remain in hospital if they can and seek the advice of the NHS hospital speech and language therapist.
  • The service provided takes the structure of an assessment followed by treatment, with home practice.